Help to avoid injuries and nagging pains by including ELDOAs and mobility exercises in your training program. Come learn and experience the benefits for yourself!

GoodEnergy ELDOA Classes are form focused and open for people of all levels.

Anyone wanting to reap the full benefits of these techniques are encouraged to regularly attend these sessions. Please arrive on time as the warm up is critical to the practice. There is a brief health evaluation to complete prior to your first session so please plan accordingly.

The GoodEnergy ELDOA Classes are 60 minutes and consists of: Proper warm up, rotation of myofascial stretches, series of ELDOAs varying in progressions and intensity, and a cool down including essential oils relaxation.

Drop-in Session $20 + HST

IMPORTANT FIRST SESSION INFO: It is very important that anyone interested in attending the GoodEnergy ELDOA Classes first be cleared by their health practitioner for physical activity. If you are new to ELDOA and are suffering from acute or chronic back or joint pain, please email Sarah a brief description of your injury prior to signing up, so you can get the most benefit from attending the class as possible. Though the classes are designed for everyone to do, there may be specific adjustments required for you depending on your conditions.


What is ELDOA?

I have a prediction and you can quote me on this. “What Green Smoothies have become to modern nutrition, ELDOA will be to the fitness & rehab industry.”

I recently returned from a two day course in Dallas on ELDOA. When I first heard about it from one of my teachers, Dan Hellman, through the C.H.E.K Institute, the concept of a science based exercise to decompress joints strongly resonated with me. I saw ELDOA as the yin to all the yang that comes with fitness conditioning and the gravity of daily life on the spine.

ELDOA is a french acronym which, translated in English stands for Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches. Designed by French osteopath Guy Voyer DO, the ELDOA are postural exercises with the primary goal being to increase the space within a chosen pair of joints. This improves joint mechanics, increases blood flow, reduces pressure on the discs, reduces pain, increases muscle tone, improves posture and overall well being … and makes you taller!

For me personally, ELDOA is now part of my regular body maintenance routine.

ELDOA explained by Dan Hellman