Boot Camp & Group Training

Boot camp is the purest form of exercise. There are no fancy machines, only you, the environment & a small group. Bond with others that share the same passion for health and fitness.

Boot camp combines cardio & strength training exercises more effectively than any other workout. It is a high intensity routine that will change how you feel in just a few weeks.

Sarah’s total body workout uses a variety of equipment (sandbags, medicine balls, resistance bands, bars, etc.) These classes are appropriate for beginners to intermediate fitness levels.

The end result is a stronger, leaner and more balanced you. If you would like more information about this program please contact Sarah to schedule an appointment.

Boot Camp Schedules

There are two classes per day on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Pick a time that works around your schedule and get your boot camp on!

Morning Classes
7:00 AM — 7:45 AM

Afternoon Classes
5:30 PM — 6:30 PM

(2 Classes / Week)
(3 Classes / Week)

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp!

at Sunset Point Park in Collingwood — May19th to September 30th 2018. Your very first class at is FREE! It is just one more way we’re spreading the GoodEnergy 😉

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp

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