21-Day Good Energy Cleanse

Transition into a new you with this nutritional body cleanse.

During your 21-day journey enjoying various delicious recipes of soups, salads, juices and smoothies your body will get a rest from processing heavy fats, gluten, dairy, refined sugar and refined salt. This alone creates a cleansing opportunity for the body.

You will lose weight (body fat, water retention, and toxins) on this cleanse.

Puffiness disappears as your hydration increases and your kidneys and colon cleanse.

Your body will begin using excess body fat for energy as carbohydrate intake is low, but nutrition is much higher than what even a conscious eater would consume in a day. Your body continues to receive rich amounts of live source vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals to support all body functions.

Although weight loss is often a key motivator to do a cleanse, many people without the desire for weight loss also cleanse for health & longevity. Due to the high amount of nutrition in this cleanse you will be maintaining, repairing, and supporting the body’s vital parts and functions.

1 week of whole foods + 1 week of low gycemic juices + 1 week of whole foods = Energy, Health, & Beauty

The 50 page e-guide includes the following information:

What Are The Benefits Of A Juice & Smoothie Feast?

Why The Juices?

Aren’t Smoothies Better?

It’s All About The Greens!

Four Guidelines For Success

How Much Fruit Is OK?

What If I Get Hungry?

What If I Want To Quit?

What Kitchen Equipment Is Needed?

Making The Transition To Cleansing

What About Coffee?

All Recipes, Shopping Lists, and cleanse appropriate Snack Recipes

This cleanse program also includes an educational & motivational daily email to help keep you accountable and inspired to see each step through to your results.

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  • Hi Sarah I just want to thank you for all the support you provided for 21 days and also to offer a follow up menu was perfect.It was the most challenging cleanse for me that I have ever did but the most rewarding. I will be promoting it around Stratford for sure. — JC
  • Thank you for all your support over the last 21 days. We are very lucky to have you! I know for me the process has been huge both physically and emotionally. I am excited to keep implementing healthy choices into my life. I maybe moving from an occasional dabbler to an almost full timer! — Shirlee Williams
  • I am feeling good, definitely skinny, my 16 year old daughter walked in on me changing and could not believe how much my stomach has gone down. It was a good learning opportunity for her to see the power of food and choices we make as to how they effect our bodies. Although weight loss was not my goal and I know a lot of the flattening is inflammation it still feels great. The hot flashes have not completely disappeared but are 90% better and the few that I have are not nearly as severe. So I guess that is total proof that they can be managed by our food and drink choices. Thank you! — DL
  • Tomorrow is my last day – 21 days!! Yes!! Lost 13 lbs. Thanks Sarah, for everything thru this cleanse….I will recommend it. — Marcia
  • A must have! Beautiful recipes and worth it’s weight in gold — Susan B.

Members: Free
Non Members: $49 + HST (Click to Register Online)