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7-Day Fusion of Gluten & Dairy Free Cuisine

"A must have! Beautiful recipes and worth it's weight in gold" Susan B.

Cranberry Cocktail - Curry Lentil Stew - Quinoa Breakfast Porridge - Broccoli Omelette with Goat's cheddar - Asian Chow Mien - Blueberry Protein Smoothie - Asparagus Soup & Flax Crackers - Crock-Pot Chicken Salsa Amaranth Porridge with banana & figs - Mango Salad - Spaghetti Squash with Marinara -Blueberry-Banana-Kale Smoothie - Raw Tabbouleh Salad - Portobello Burgers - Chai Nut-Milk Smoothie - Spinach & Poppy Seed Salad with Hard Boiled Eggs - Red Thai Curry - Quinoa Protein Pancakes and more!

The VIBRANT Menu 7-Day e-guide




Vibrant Menu 2

More gluten & dairy-free, healthy recipe ideas for everyday


Everyday Oils

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February 25 to March 3, 2012
Join us for a yoga & wellness adventure in paradise!