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6-Week Body Transformation 

November 13 to December 22, 2017

Sparkle your way through this holiday season!

Get fit and trim while the rest of the world is eating their weight in cheese platters, shortbread and christmas cake.

  • Meal Plan (gluten-free, dairy-free, whole foods)
  • BootCamp workouts 3x/wk at GoodEnergy Studio
  • Weekly accountability
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Before & after pics.
  • Everything you'll need to be successful!


I designed this program to not only help you to finally loose that excess body fat and keep it off, but to also increase your health and vitality along the way. 



PRiMAL ReSHAPE is a truly holistic approach to body transformation.



Following this high nutrient and flavour rich menu, with metabolic igniting workouts, your body will begin to favour body fat as it's primary energy source. How cool is that?!





We are *NOT* concentrating on the scale here. Sure, you'll lose anywhere from 13-21 pounds and 4-7 inches from your belly in those 6 weeks - but that's just a side effect of the PRiMAL ReSHAPE experience.



You'll be tracked WEEKLY to make sure you are keeping up with the program getting the results you expect.




Swing from the vines and fit into your animal skins once again!



 Or.....just picture yourself rocking that 2-piece bathing suit on your next vacation. 






#1 PRiMAL ReSHAPE Success Manual



      Outlines the philosophy of the program, how it works, and how to get the most out of it.





#2 PRiMAL ReSHAPE Recipe Guide


 Quick, easy and simple primal foods




#3  Weekly meal plans & Grocery Lists - the whole program is worth it just for this!

Seriously, as many of my clients can tell you, just getting stocked with the items you need is a big part of being successful on this program.





#4    6-Week Fitness Membership to all GoodEnergy classes

 6-weeks of unlimited Fat-Burning BootCamp workouts at Sunset Point Park that will improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and energy levels. All exercises can be modified for difference abilities. Class times are Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7am - 7:45am or 5:30-6:30pm. Attend as many as you like. As a bonus, this program also includes 2x ELDOA stretch & mobility classes per week at 10am Tuesdays and 5pm Thursdays!!

For best results, I recommend that PRiMAL ReSHAPE participants attend 3 PrimalBootCamp classes each week. 7am and 5:30pm time options.



#5 Accountability


This is another biggie! You will have before and after pics and measurements taken as well as weekly check-ins. There's no escaping success. 




#6 Email Inspiration


Just to make sure that you are keeping your head in the game, I will be sending you my Daily Spark. Unleashing one's most wild and natural self involves more than just attention to diet and exercise. The daily email offers food for thought on concepts of going more primal in other areas of daily life also.




#7  Access to our secret PRiMAL ReSHAPE Facebook group where you can discuss everything Primal related with your peers.




I haven't even told you the best part yet...the low price!



I wanted to make the PRiMAL ReSHAPE available to as many motivated women as possible.



Look and feel better than you have in years (and drop 13-21 pounds)




Oh, did I mention it is all 100% guaranteed? Well, it is. You're going to be happy with your results or you get every penny back. I call it my "happiness guarantee".




Even more PRiMAL ReSHAPE info:



What Will I Be Eating?

This menu focuses on animal proteins, veggies, seeds, nuts, and a little fruit. If you are new to the idea of a grain-free, sugar-free, no-processed foods way of eating this may open a wonderful new world for you free from sugar cravings, and struggles with body weight. There are no fads here. In fact, this way of eating is truly ancient...with the luxuries of our modern day kitchen tools, of course.



But it's been a while since I've worked out?

Perfect! You need this even more!...but not to worry, each participant will complete a health appraisal questionnaire to help me to better balance the workout effort for you. This way, no one is pushed too hard or not hard enough!



Grab this opportunity to transform your body and your health now.



Can't Make It To The Workouts???

Choose the Online-Only option (includes everything except classes)






February 25 to March 3, 2012
Join us for a yoga & wellness adventure in paradise!