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Date: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2012 12:00:00 am

You are strong minded, sensitive and brilliant. You wear many hats, juggle many things, and you make it look easy. You are a woman. And as a woman you want to look good. Perhaps a woman's desire to maintain her looks is natures way of urging us to live well. There are all kinds of bizarre products designed to artificially enhance the female form. There's underwear that pops out and there's underwear that squeezes in! As a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, I work to understand how to make the body better, from the inside out, naturally. The same techniques that will keep you lean and strong, can also keep your organs clean and healthy. The same foods that will accelerate your energy can also soften your skin and shine your hair. The same exercises that will tone your butt and your abs can also eliminate incontinence (yes!).

Strengthening the muscles through functional conditioning offers appealing aesthetic results, but it also boosts fat burning hormones, strengthens the bones, improves posture, reduces back and neck pain...basically, smart exercise and good nutrition gives us what nature intended and what we want: a healthy vibrant goddess body. Who doesn't want that?! The fitness goddess has different needs than her male counterpart. Her need for adequate protein is more important, her fluctuating hormones will affect her strength and stability differently throughout the month, she must consistently feed her body the whole foods it needs (instead of skipping meals), and she needs to balance her aerobic exercise addiction with strength training to achieve the long term physical results she really wants. Symptoms of protein deficiency are similar to those associated with over training; poor recovery from exercise, lack of motivation, reduced ability to concentrate, abnormal energy highs and lows, reduced sex drive, and anti-socialism. One of the best sources of protein is found in green leaves (kale, spinach, beet/carrot tops, etc.). When blended into smoothies, greens are a clean, rich, bio-available source of protein offering a side benefit of calcium, chlorophyl, and essential minerals. Take action! You're worth it...Lady! For more detailed information on these subjects check out these books: Hormones and Female Athletic Performance, Judy Daly and Wendy Ey Out Smarting The Female Fat Cell, Debra Waterhouse, Ph.D. Green For Life, Victoria Boutenko

Benefits Of Strength Training For Women

The benefits of strength training for women are so powerful! Strength training has been overlooked as a viable weight loss method for way too long.
Women are beginning to realize just how important a proper strength training routine is for their overall health. Below are my top 10 benefits of weight training for women. Soak each one of them up and start your routine today!

1) Increased Metabolic Rate - Here is one of the most important benefits of strength training for women. We always want to discover the secrets to weight loss... well here is the first secret! Strength training increases your metabolic rate by increasing the calories you burn on a daily basis. The more calories you burn, the more chance you have to drop body fat.

2) Increasing and Restoring Bone Density - Strength training prevents and fights osteoporosis.

3) Increased Lean Muscle Mass - Note: You will not get big and bulky by strength training! You simply do not have enough testosterone in your body. Yes, if you train for hours and hours and dedicate your life to becoming a bodybuilder you can bulk up.
But simply lifting weights as part of a regular strength training routine will not cause women to bulk up. With that said, for every pound of lean muscle mass that you have, you burn 35-50 calories per day!
If you have 10 pounds of lean muscle mass then you burn between 350-500 calories. If you have 20 pounds you burn between 700 and 1000 calories per day! This is one of the biggest benefits of strength training for women.

4) Injury Prevention - Strength training strengthens our muscles and tendons. The stronger we are the less chance of an injury. This is especially important as we grow older. The benefits of strength training for women and men are highly touted for injury prevention.

5) Eliminate "leaking" and pelvic floor weakness. Most women, especially after giving birth, know how inconvenient incontinence can be. Good thing all those muscles can be tightened right up again with proper strength training!

6) Decreased Risk of Coronary Disease - Strength training can reduce your blood pressure. It can also decrease your cholesterol levels. These benefits of strength training for women alone are a great reason to begin your program today. Heart disease is one of the highest (if not the highest) killer of women in America every year.

7) Aids in Rehabilitation and Recovery - Strengthening the muscles around our joints is one of the best ways to prevent and recover from an injury. For example, the best way to recover from a knee injury is to strengthen the quads and calves.

8) Enhanced Performance in Sports, Exercise and Life In General - The benefits of strength training for women all boil down to one point- a better overall quality of life. We can perform our favorite activities with more ease and less pain. We are able to increase our health and mental state from a regular strength training routine.

9) Aging Gracefully - With less falls and less injuries we are able to age gracefully. Our lean and toned bodies create a warm and strong persona. Strength training is a major factor in aging well. Enhancing our muscles, improving our posture and reducing body fat are prime ways to prevent sagging body parts too ;)

10) Feeling Better and Looking Better - I don't think it is much of a secret that we all want to look great. We are all searching for ways to look young. Strength training is a vital part of a fitness routine.
Strength training has been shown to increase our muscle tone, decrease body fat, and so much more. A toned body is but one factor to looking great. The other is purely mental. There are so many positive mental benefits of strength training for women. We feel accomplished, secure, and strong after a strength session.

Author: Sarah Heipel

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