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Date: Wed, Jan 14th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Back then, a big part of what made my approach different from the average trainer, was my focus on including specific nutrition recommendation into client exercise programs, with an emphasis on green leafy veggies and raw, whole foods. I was such and odd-ball back then, that Loblaws didn't even sell kale. They only used it to display their fresh fish!

Times have changed. Every grocery store sells kale, and even Dr.Oz is touting green smoothies now.The greens are just as important as ever, but for the most part, I feel that the message is now out there.  The leaf, which formerly symbolized the natual nutrition essence of Good Energy, is now invisibly assummed. 

No longer feeling the need to use the leaf as the symbol for this little community of health nuts, opened the door for my beloved gratitude spiral.

You may be wondering what gratitude and fitness have in common. This wasn't a pairing I would've made seven years ago either, but I've made an interesting observation over the last few years. The people who have come to appreciate and respect their own health and fitness as part of their lifestyle, not just as a short-term transformation, have maintained the best results over time. In other words, those who maintain gratitude for their bodies, are happier people and maintain better fitness as a result.


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