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ARTICLE - A Better Green Smoothie

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Date: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2012 12:00:00 am

A positive shift has occurred amongst health minded individuals in the past few years thanks to health pioneers like Victoria Boutenko, regarding the awareness of the benefits of green leafy vegetables. Only four years ago, if I were to suggest to a client that they try adding spinach to a smoothie, I often received very confused and even disgusted looks. Now I find that many people are already enjoying green smoothies regularly or have at least heard of them. It's especially evident at the grocery store, where kale was used mostly to decorate the display at the seafood counter, but now through greater demand, it's a well stocked item.

Yes, the greens are terrific, but what about all that fruit and juice that's being adding to make it taste like dessert? This is where I feel that many are de-railing their weight-loss and wellness plans. For example, if juice is used as the base for a 1-liter smoothie the carbohydrates count is upwards of 200g before any of the whole fruits like bananas and berries are even added. That's more carbohydrates than the average women would require in a whole day!

What I'm suggesting is this; a delicious and nutritious green smoothie without all the insulin spiking fruit sugars. One such example that I have become a big fan of is the Almond-Green Smoothie.

The almond-green smoothie can be made from scratch by using 1/2 cup of raw almonds blended with 4 cups of water 20 drops of liquid stevia (a healthy zero carbohydrate sweetener) and 2 cups of your favorite greens or sprouts (kale, dandelion, spinach, romaine, etc). Essentially, you are making almond milk with greens in it.

I know I don't need to remind you of the many health benefits of consuming enough green leaves (a staple in the original human diet), so I need not mention about the amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, and alkalizing qualities of a drink like this, which, except for the blender (borrow your neighbors!) will cost you next to nothing to make....almost unheard of in the world of health foods!

Cheers to your health! .... and may your mustache always be green :)

Sarah Heipel is a certified exercise coach and holistic lifestyle consultant, living in Collingwood, ON. Visit her at www.goodenergycoach.com.

Author: Sarah Heipel

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